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Legislation allowing the prescription of Cannabis Derived Drugs has entered into force in the UK this month, although, according to experts, access to these treatments will remain “limited”. The new regulation, announced by the British Interior Minister, Sajid Javid, last July, authorizes specialist doctors to prescribe these products, but not for GPs, and only in a limited number of cases.

Adults with nausea caused by chemotherapy, muscle stiffness from multiple sclerosis, and children with rare or severe forms of epilepsy will be susceptible to this prescription. This latter group includes minors Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley, whose media and controversial cases encouraged this legislative change in the middle of the year

The two children, ages 13 and 7, were fighting their disease with medications derived from this psychotropic that they acquired abroad. Caldwell’s situation came to the fore after his mother had been requisitioned at the London Heathrow airport for the child’s medicine last June, previously acquired in Canada, and he had to be admitted for complications derived from the lack of treatment. Buy Hemp cigarettes online.

The media echoed the case, which caused a stir in the United Kingdom, and prompted the head of the Interior to agree to return the child the substance and agree to review the legislation. Dingley’s circumstance also became noticeable in the country, after his mother denounced on television that the Government had promised to grant an extraordinary license allowing the child to bring his Cannabis Derived Drugs to the United Kingdom, but three months later, the document was not effective.

Alfie’s mother, Deacon, welcomed the news of the legislative amendment and said that it is “a momentous day for all patients and families with children who are suffering and want to access medical cannabis.” However, in the new guide developed by the National Health Service (NHS) for doctors in England, these medicines should only be prescribed “when there is published evidence of their benefits and other treatment options have been exhausted.”

Only a small group of doctors will prescribe them

In practice, according to a neurologist at St George Hospital in London Waqar Rashid, most doctors will continue without prescribing these treatments because “many of them have not been tested or authorized in the same way as conventional medications.” Therefore, he warned, if “any side effect or damage occurs, even if it was mild,” the doctor could continue to face “legal complications.” That is why, in his opinion, “to say that from now on it will be possible to prescribe these medications is not entirely correct. Only a very select group of professionals will do so,” he ventured.

Despite the fact that the Executive of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has been quick to clarify that this is not a first step on the road to legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, the reality is that this change has led to greater acceptance among public opinion on the total decriminalization of this drug. This is demonstrated by a survey carried out by the firm Populus published this week in the newspaper The Independent, in which 59% of Britons were in favor of legalizing marijuana. Buy CBD cigarettes online.

According to the policy director of the Volteface think tank that commissioned the study, Liz McCulloch, “in just six months, opinion has turned significantly in favor of the legalization” of marijuana. Something that, in his opinion, is due to “a reaction to the recent development of events around medical cannabis”, to the “growing awareness” of the damage caused by the illicit market “and to the ” recent legalization of this drug in Canada “

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