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We use a lot of products on our bodies with not even the slightest idea of how they work. Now, this is not a crime, but absolute ignorance is never the best. In the most layman terms, we’ll be explaining correctly how CBD Lotions work to give you the perfect skin. We promise to keep it as simple as possible.

CBD: What about it?

CBD is a short form of cannabidiol. You’ve probably heard of it since you’re reading an article on how it works. CBD is one of the many compounds that comprise Marijuana, the commercial plant. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol, it lacks psychoactive properties. It hence has more therapeutic value.

Since it is relatively new, not so much research has been done in this field of study. From the little, however, CBD is probably the best thing to happen to Marijuana! It is the redemption Marijuana needs for all the ‘harm’ it has caused. Let’s not pretend we don’t know 🌚.

There have been a lot of proposals by different researches concerning the possibilities of CBD in the world of Medicine. These include treatment methods for anxiety, multiple sclerosis, depression, and even cancer, to name a few. Theoretically, they should work. Not so many successful trials have been recorded, however.

CBD body lotions

Asides the cannabidiol they contain, CBD lotions could pass as the typical moisturizer. They have the same feel and are applied just the same way you would another cream.

CBD lotions are beyond doubt the most popular cannabidiol product, for reasons you can imagine. Over this short number of years, they have made a statement as one of the most effective skincare products. They serve majorly analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. In unison with other ingredients they may contain, they also have incredible moisturizing power. 

The application process

In the scientific study of drugs, the first pass effect is a keynote topic. It is the phenomenon of a significant reduction in the concentration of a drug before it reaches the blood circulation. This is most relevant when the drug is administered orally. When the drug eventually reaches its site of effect, the concentration is reduced. The higher the first-pass effect, the higher the dosage required. This is one of the advantages that CBD lotions have over CBD oils.

Cannabidiol lotions are applied topically, in direct contact with the desired site. Like the typical lotion, it works best when used over clean skin. CBD lotions are light. Upon application, the CBD and other lotion ingredients quickly seep into the skin.

Though applied superficially, they percolate deep down, even unto the dermis and sub-dermis below. These lotions are locally administered, and correspondingly have local effects. Regardless of how deep they penetrate, they do not enter the blood. Since they are applied directly, they circumvent the first-pass effect. They, therefore, act faster than the CBD oils.

The anti-inflammatory function of CBD Lotion

It’s a Saturday morning, and you’re determined to make up for all the lost hours of work out, so you furiously hit the gym. After working out for about three hours, you are shredded and unable to move your limbs. What has happened is that your immune system has responded to such stress by the copious release of inflammatory mediators. These prevent further damage and ensure a proper healing process for the injured tissues. They, however, cause intense pain and discomfort. CBD lotions as anti-inflammatory products, to a great extent, abridge the actions of these mediators. Ultimately, inflammation is reduced, but the body is still able to heal. It’s not advisable to spend more than an hour in the gym. Now that you know, however, ensure you carry a CBD lotion in your gym bag pack.

The analgesic function of CBD Lotion

The endocannabinoid system is a part of the central nervous system of the human body. It is a chief contributor to the perception of pain and pleasure. It also determines mood changes and appetite. This system features the following:

  • Endocannabinoids: Think of them as the messengers of the system.
  • Cannabinoid receptors
  • Enzymes that synthesize and break down endocannabinoids

We have promised not to make this explanation too complicated, and we intend to honor our word. In a genuinely complex pathway, CBDs bind and change the shapes of these receptors. With alteration in normal system physiology, there is an appreciable blunting of pain. Since this system controls mood, the aromatherapy function of CBD is understandable in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Research has also shown that CBDs can desensitize pain receptors. Think of this as the straw that breaks the camel’s back. News flash; the camel is pain.

CBD in context with other ingredients

By itself, cannabidiol is not the best hydrating agent. Being part of a broader mix, however, is one of the best combinations in skincare. To this end, depending on the other ingredients, different CBD lotions will work best for various purposes. Some will work best for muscle spasms, while others will be best for wrinkled skin. Ensure you know the functions of the ingredients in your  CBD lotion.

In conclusion

How does it feel to know so much stuff about science, receptors, and enzymes? Way to go, Einstein! Now, you feel more confident about the product you want to apply to your skin.

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