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Some Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do You accept Cryptocurrencies ?

we only accept Cryptocurrency you can see it in the payment page or checkout page.

2. Can I make Numerous Orders?

Yes you can and We ship in more than 2 packages for orders greater than 1000 USD to avoid issues with mailing

3.Do You ship For free ?

All Our delivery are free except over night and Express Rush delivery.

4.How do you ship or deliver ?

We ship via our private and main delivery system which transist true various shipping companies such as Chinapost, EMS, USPS ,FedEx and More.

5.Do You accept Credit cards?

We don’t Accept Bank credit Cards and Debit cards they suck! and it exposes you and us. But we accept NON-reloadable Vanilla Gift Cards ( Mastercard and VISA form one-vanilla). And U can use your debit card or US bank account to via the cash app in your iPhone or android device with very low payment fees. contact us now for more pieces of information.

6. Are My personal Informations here secured ?

Yes, they are excellently secured. We make sure you are secured when shopping with thus the presence of SSL certificate and A private PGP transmits

7. Is my shipment secured and No chance of getting caught ?

Yes its secured and discreet .We triple seal our order before  shipping so don’t be scared of any exposure and we deliver in small packages

8.How do I have a fast order confirmation

When Placing an Order email us too to fasten our response and delivery speed

9. When do you ship ?

Same day We only deliver once payment completed by you (client)

10.What is the Maximum amount on first order?

We have a limit of 10000 USD per order per client per day.

11.Which info do you use for shipment?

We only use your private and delivery info for Shipping purposes non of your data is store in a database or what so ever

12. When Does delivery start?

The Delivery Process Start as soon as payment is completed.

13. How to email You

Use our contact form for any discussion or sale or product support

14. Is my signature or name required on taking package ?

Your Signature is Not required on receiving the orders

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