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Can we buy marijuana online? Is it legal to buy marijuana online? These are some questions that can torment our heads since sometimes it seems that things on the Internet are in the background. In this article, we’re going to try to answer those questions that may arise.

The internet revolution

Just entering the 21st century we are living in the first person as the massive use of computers, and the use of the internet to communicate is changing the world in which we live. Such profound changes have also affected the way marijuana and other substances are accessed.

Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, it is increasingly feasible and frequent to buy marijuana online. Today, many people anonymously buy cannabis sprouts or a few grams of hashish without leaving home.

This has some pros and cons. Always knowing how to use the technology correctly and properly measuring the consequences that these purchases can cause us.

The emergence of anonymous communications networks such as Tor and I2P added at birth and the subsequent consolidation of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency have resulted in the online sale of marijuana and other drugs on the Deep Web. The use of these cutting-edge communication channels makes it possible to buy a multitude of substances (legal, illegal and illegal) with the click of a button, making the payment in Bitcoins.

This is radically transforming the way you buy drugs. On the one side, exposure to a wide range of drugs has become much simpler anonymously, without rising up from the chair and without intermediaries.

You no longer have to go outside to get a few grams of grass or move to poor areas. Not to mention that the elimination of mediators has the most palpable effects of cheaper substances, and their purity improvement.


The networks of anonymity

It is known as Deep Web or Deep Network for a (large) part of the Internet that, due to various problems, is not visible or directly accessible in a conventional way. Within that Deep, Network is all the websites covered by the Tor and I2P networks and protocols.

Fundamentally Tor, but also I2P allowed access to anonymous communication networks, in which the confidential identity of its users allows the realization of activities that would never be seen in other parts of the Internet. All this has made possible the birth of web pages to reach all kinds of substances and goods.

The first and most famous of all was Silk Road (Silk Road), and could buy all kinds of principles, assets and materials. But they are not only illegal or illegal but also very common, such as rolling tobacco without additives.

Silk Road worked similarly to eBay. A large structure that was fed by specialized vendors with a referral and scoring system to evaluate business relationships Well-known Silk Road logo.

With Bitcoin as a means of payment and Silk Road as a deposit and money trust. The most curious thing about this black market is that 99% of the transactions made during the two and a half years of its existence were successfully completed for the buyer and the seller (or a resolution agreement).

The Silk Road was closed by the FBI in October 2013. Many other pages took their testimony.

At the same time, the market diversified and expanded. Today, it is a palpable reality to buy a few grams of synthetic marijuana and receive it in the mailbox of the house in a letter from anywhere in the world. AlphaBay Market; Black market currently in operation.



Another of the protagonists in the online purchase of marijuana and other substances is Bitcoin. This electronic, decentralized and anonymous cryptocurrency conceived in 2009, which gains users day by day worldwide.

Created as a reaction to the centralized, abusive and manipulative policies of currency issuers and commercial banks. Bitcoin is increasingly accepted as a means of payment, and not only in the Deep Network.

It is also used as a value reserve by some people. This currency, which does not enjoy any central bank that supports it, has managed to stay afloat and gain credibility by its own means.

It is the trust of its users and its P2P structure that gives it overwhelming power. Aspiring in the near future to become the largest instant and worldwide payment method; to the detriment of the current means of payment.



This website and the author of this article are not responsible for any claims made as a result of the misuse of the information contained in this article. The information presented here is merely informative and informative.

Its publication is made only with the intention of identifying the reality of the world around us. In no case is any type of drug apology attempted, nor is a violation of any current norm or legislation induced.

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