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How to Start a Pipe Collection

If you own a hammer, everything appears to be a nail! The same goes true for cannabis when you have only a single tool to use with all your marijuana strains. While people have their reasons to avoid having a collection of weed accessories, it is a good idea to own some essential tools to make the experience versatile and pleasurable. Some may not live in a legal state where holding multiple bongs may not be possible. Others might find it too expensive to have a collection of their equipment. However, here are some of the primary types of tools you can own without spending too much or compromising on storage space.

The Top 3 Types of Pipes to Own

Though cannabis is a great experience on its own, having the opportunity to mix up your sessions in different ways can make it more enjoyable. When you can choose from multiple ways to enjoy your weed, you get the ability to satisfy your dose and preferences. A collection of tools like vaporizers and bongs can help you benefit from the supplement to its optimum potential. If you want to limit the selection, you can focus on the basics and narrow down your choices to three accessories to introduce versatility into your cannabis experience without breaking your bank. The market offers a vast selection of tools to help you get high. However, you can focus on getting the three essential types of equipment to get a fun collection. You can get a vaporizer, a chillum, and a bubbler pipe to get a pipe collection that satisfies your needs. Though vaporizer is not a pipe, it is a versatile tool that nobody can say no to.


Designed to offer a blend of flavor and potency, vaporizers are the best way to get stoned luxuriously. These tools are available in a wide variety of sizes, prices, and designs to choose from. You can pick one to suit your requirements and budget. Get one of the durable vape pens if you plan to vape on the go. Desktop vaporizers are excellent for at-home use and come in multiple options with amazing features.


Featuring a cylindrical shape for easy carrying, a chillum is somewhat more significant than a one-hitter. You can choose from a variety of styles and shapes for glass chillums, and they are not so expensive. All these tools offer a decent size of bowl to let you smoke conveniently.


Combining the functions of a pipe and a bong, bubblers are an excellent addition to your toolbox. These pipes come in different shapes and materials and feature long stems with the percolating chamber. You can enjoy smoother, cleaner smoke with these devices.

Getting a Bong for Quick Smoking Sessions

Those who want to add more to this collection or not convinced about vaporizer can consider getting a classic bong. A beaker bong has a big chamber that holds a lot of smoke. You pull the bowl to fill your lungs instantly with flavourful smoke and get a quick high. You can even consider getting this type of bong in place of bubbler as it suits everyday smoking requirements.

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