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Kimber cannon

Kimber Cannons are pre-rolls for the ages, a step above top-shelf. A seriously elite and exquisite invention.
Kimber Cannon pre-rolls developed by Garrison Lane has some ferocious firepower behind it and even has the hardware to handle the heaviest of hits.

Also, Kimber cannon by garrison lane is certainly a weapon of mass inebriation, no doubt meant to be shared with multiple large groups of people.

Additionally, the Kimber Cannon cigar happens to be saliva-free, which may seem like a surprising notion at first, but there are many pre-rolls on the market that don’t pay attention to those small details, which is just another reason why this is one of the best pre-rolls on the market right now.


The cannon co pre-rolls

These are award-winning premium pre-rolls known as a weapon of mass inebriation, no doubt meant to be shared with multiple large groups of people.
Also High Times Cannabis Cub 2x Award winner for best pre-roll. 1.5g of Billy Kimber OG with kief and sealed with shatter.
Kimber Cannon co pre-rolls Boast a fully formed and ergonomic glass mouthpiece, this is a necessary addition in order to handle the 1.5 grams of oil and kief slathered, hand-selected buds in the barrel of this cannon.

Cannon co pre-roll flavors:

Below are a list of the cannon co pre-roll strains or better still (flavors);

  • Banana cannon
  • Sin mint cookies X Billy Kimber sugar
  • AMG17 X Billy Kimber sugar
  • Mango cookies X Billy Kimber sugar
  • Double cup flower X Billy Kimber sugar
  • Lemon cherry gelato X Billy Kimber sugar
  • Summerlane X Billy Kimber sugar
  • Runtz cannon X Billy Kimber sugar
  • Garrison glue X Billy kimber sugar
  • Lemonade X Billy kimber sugar
  • Nerdz X Billy kimber sugar
  • Mac1 flower X Billy kimber sugar
  • Tiramisu X Billy kimber sugar
  • Phone home X Billy kimber sugar
  • Bumpy kush mints X Billy kimber sugar
  • Lemon meringue cake X Billy kimber sugar
  • Platinum widow X Billy kimber sugar
  • Yukmouth koolato X Billy kimber sugar
  • Tropikoolato X Billy kimber sugar
  • White chery gelato X Billy kimber sugar
  • Mimosa X Billy kimber sugar
  • Snowman X Billy kimber sugar
  • Gotti flower X Billy kimber sugar
  • Lemoncello #9 X Billy kimber sugar
  • Gelatti X Billy kimber sugar
  • Demricks gaslato X Billy kimber sugar
  • Zerbert (zkittlez x sunset sherb) X Billy kimber sugar
  • Taro X Billy kimber sugar
  • Matsumoto X Billy kimber sugar
  • Peanut butter mintz X Billy kimber sugar
  • Jungle juice X Billy kimber sugar
  • Peanut butter breath X Billy kimber sugar
  • Blueberry cruffin X Billy kimber sugar
  • Bugsy X Billy kimber sugar
  • Gooberz X Billy kimber sugar
  • Plush cake X Billy kimber
  • Yamaguchi X Billy kimber sugar
  • Luck X lemon cherry gelato sugar

Kimber cannon price

Billy Kimber cannon price varies according to suppliers and shops that’s in the range of 35$-45$, the prices could go as low as 35$/unit of the Kimber cannon cigar.
we have to take into consideration the fact that it is not easy to lay your hands on this premium product, so most resellers who get supplies of this product turn to charge their clients high on units of the Kimber cannons.
Especially clients from the UK and other EU countries find it really difficult to have access to this premium cannon pre-roll. That’s why we are here and serve as supplies for those who can’t easily have access to them when needed.
Also, when you find yourselves acquiring from middlemen you turn to get them at high prices which could range from 45$-50$ a unit.

Furthermore, getting them in bulk from supplies will always leave you having great discounts. as every businessman will do, give discounts to buyers who get large amounts of cartridges at once, this intend gives them an upper hand and mailing them being able to sell them are considerable prices and still making gains.
To conclude, it will great if you taught of buying them in wholesale rather than just getting a few, in that case, you might find yourself at very low unit prices.


The question probably everyone who is a fan of the billy Kimber cannon pre-roll would ask. If you asked me this question 8months ago I would have definitely told you “I don’t know”.
However, if I am asked now I would definitely tell you I know exactly who billy Kimber is or better still who what Billy Kimber cannon pre-rolls are.

The first time you hear billy Kimber originally, I thought that billy Kimber cannon was the grower’s name that he just named the product with, but what I didn’t know was that Kimber cannon is actually the name of the strain by the company Garrison lane in the L.A.

Note that this company Garrison lane has extreme pride work ethics making its product (Kimber cannons) consistently good. As big wholesalers and credited resellers of their products online, its good to have consistency knowing what you are getting every time you go to get them.

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