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Buy Cinderella 99 Marijuana Hybrid strain


Cinderella 99, likewise called C99 or Cindy, is a native crossbreed cross of Shiva Skunk as well as Jack Herer.
This wonderful exotic mix has a small pineapple skunk fragrance and also is a fantastic daytime smoke. Cindy is powerful and also uplifting however if over smoked can trigger short-term fear.
The nuts are thick as well as when made use of in joint or blunt C99 burns gradually.
This pressure is understood to cause giggling as well as energize surges.


  • KIND: Sativa Crossbreed
  • LOOK: C99 nugs are thick with bountiful trichome insurance coverage as well as light amber-orange hairs.
  • COMPARABLE STRAIN: Thai, OG Kush and also Pineapple Express.
  • BEST FOR CARING FOR: State of mind improvement.
  • SCENT: When separated Cindy has a small exotic odor.
  • PERIOD: Around 2 hrs.
  • THC: 18%– 22%.
  • GENES: Shiva Skunk x Jack Herer.
  • DEVELOPED SENSATIONS: Cinderella 99 creates an energized and also uplifting buzz.

Additional information

Weight28.4 g

1 Oz, 1 Qp, 1 Hp, 1 P


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