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Bubba Kush




Buy Bubba Kush Marijuana Strain

Buy Bubba Kush Medical Marijuana

Bubba kush is an Indica dominant breed and Has a strong Grade A as examined on many Cannabis Forums.
It has an extremely pleasant dark and pale green colours, very wonderful orange hair popping out throughout the nug.

Additionally, there are lots of traces of purple-colored, coated even though in trichomes texture.

The bubba breed has a rather strong sweet and pungent odor.

Even thou tropical such as the odor and stands around the entire space with just a little quantity of its own odor.

It’s Tastes nearly just because it will smells, that’s a really sweet and kushy lovely smoke drained when burnt in a dull.

The consequences are enormous and change from 1 person to another However It sounds because it gets you feel pissed off and ripped off etc
The effectiveness is the type of rock at which you may sit and observe nothing else and do nothing for hours.

The Euphoric high continues for 4 hours based on how much volume you smoke.
Its great for smoking through bed period


It helps with pain and also insomnia-curing and direction.
Negative Effects
Bubba Kush really is a fantastic breed but leaves the smoker dizzy,
can lead to persistent paranoia for fresh smokers, even bubba might lead to a minimal sofa lock.

Bubba Kush is a heavy indica hybrid that enjoys very wide popularity.
The strain’s original L.A. breeder claims that while one parent was an OG Kush plant, the other was an unnamed Northern
Bubba Kush is a classic indica with a solid sedative high that leaves users relaxed but still functional.
has a typically high THC content, ranging from 15% to 22%.

Common Usage of bubba kush;

firstly,Anxiety 8/10
secondly,Pain 8/10
also,Depressed 6/10
Insomnia 10/10
A Loss of Appetite 4/10

Typical Effects of bubba

Sedated 8/10
Relaxed 6/10
Sleepy 10/10
Cotton Mouth 4/10
Euphoric 8/10

Additional information

Weight1 g

1 Oz, 1 Qp, 1 Hp, 1 P


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