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God’s Gift Present as its name recommends is a top-notch indicate stress. It is a cross In between Grandaddy Purple and also OG Kush.

This present from God’s Gift strain is wonderful for clinical cannabis people. It creates an incredible, kicking back high that thaws the tension right off you. God’s Present is not a strain understood for mind auto racing head highs. It is a stress-free body high with simply the ideal quantity of cheerful performance.

This creates an aesthetically spectacular bud that is purple with glowing orange hairs throughout.

God's Gift

About God’s Gift

This present from the paradises is excellent for clinical cannabis clients. It generates a beautiful, unwinding high that thaws the anxiety straight off you. God’s Present is not a pressure recognized for mind auto racing head highs. It is an enjoyable body high with simply the correct amount of happy awareness.

LOOK: God’s Present is as the name would certainly require a really attractive pressure. It has a wealth of glowing orange hairs as well as lovely purple buds.

THC: 18% -22% CBD: .54%


PERIOD: The high arrays from 1.5 to 3 hrs.

PRODUCED SENSATIONS: God’s Present is a terrific well balanced and also stress-free high. You will certainly really feel a little head thrill, however will certainly additionally be enhanced with a relaxing body high.

COMPARABLE STRESS: OG Kush, Irene Kush as well as Covering Kush.

Upon striking God’s Present you will certainly taste an attractive mix of grape, citrus, fruit and also piney awesomeness.

FAMILY TREE: Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush.

BEST FOR CURING: Discomfort, Stress And Anxiety as well as Sleep problems.

PREFERENCE: God’s Present has a terrific grape and also citrus preference, with a wonderful piney aftertaste.

KIND: Indica.

Common Usage

Depressed  6/10
Pain   10/10

Nausea   2/10

Insomnia  8/10

Anxiety  6/10

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SCENT: Fruity as well as money.

Additional information

Weight28.4 g

1 Oz, 1 Qp, 1 Hp, 1 P

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