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Lemon Thai


Individuals plagued by medical concerns, including glaucoma, pain, or lack of appetite can all benefit from Lemon Thai. Where it truly shines



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About Lemon Thai

Creative types will love the effects of Lemon Thai, as this hybrid brings feelings of inspiration and focus to the mind.

The origin of this strain is limited, as it’s unclear the ratio of sativa to indica as well as the true parentage.

Dutch Flowers crossed a Thai sativa with a mystery Hawaiian strain to get Lemon Thai, a choice that’s potent and delicious.

Thai boasts a nice level of THC with batches averaging around 20%.

Buds are long and tend to be a lighter shade of green, with an aroma that’s enticing and potent.

An overwhelming smell of sour lemon meets slightly earthy mint notes to create both a scent and taste that’s appreciated by nearly everyone.

Some users even describe a slight tingling sensation on their tongue after exhaling this magical strain.


THC: In between 10% and also 22%.

COMPARABLE STRAIN: Jack Herer, Eco-friendly Fracture and also Super Lemon Haze.

BEST FOR CURING: Exhaustion, anxiety as well as discomfort.


SCENT: Lemon Thai scents like lemon juice.

KIND: Sativa.

PRODUCED SENSATIONS: an Uplifting high that is kicking back as well as concentrated.

LOOK: Thick rugs with tones of light and also dark eco-friendly as well as red-orange hairs.

GENES: Thai x Hawaiian Landrace.

PERIOD: Around 2 hrs.

Lemon is a native pressure that is excellent for creative thinking and also power.
It is a cross in between Thai as well as Hawaiian landrace strain.
Its Thai genes create an extremely analytical impact and also assumed prompting high.
Lemon Thai, as the name recommends, scents noticeably comparable to lemon juice.
The THC portion differs significantly relying on expanding problems, typically in between 10% and also 22% ours.

Common Usage

Depressed   4/10
Pain  10/10

A Loss of Appetite   2/10

Anxiety   8/10
Women’s Health   6/10

Typical Effects

Focused  10/10
Euphoric  2/10
Relaxed  8/10
Creative  4/10

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