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LIT Extracts Cartridge


(Sativa-Hybrid/Active-Balanced) Perfect for daytime use. It is an effective medication for wide range of ailments including depression and fatigue. Unique flavor profile with a skunky, yet lemon-like aroma. Most users experience alert, sativa effects that allow for mental relaxation without sedation. A combination of a happy and uplifted stimulation 85%+ THC



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LIT Extracts Cartridge was created as a passion project in Los Angeles with a mission to bring premium cannabis oils to market.

firstly, In a short time, the market has responded by recognizing LIT as a top shelf cannabis brand.

however, they are an innovative company with their ears to the street and their fingers on the pulse of emerging products.

As a results, they take pride in being on the cutting edge of cannabis technology.

they are constantly looking for ways to improve their products and deliver the best tasting products without compensating potency.

moreover, As their product list continues to evolve, they continue to quality control and craft each part of our product from the grow.

all the way to the packaging, by hand. they have created a reputation for our terpenes.

Also, traditional and exotic strains and the quality build of our products.

In conclusion, This 100% solvent-free oil delivers crisp citrus flavors with notes of skunk and fuel and packs a powerful punch against anxiety.

therefore leaving users feeling euphoric and joyful. Go straight to the base with a dab of Tree Base Klear’s THC-A Crystalline.

This concentrate is extremely potent and remarkably pure, stopping pain and insomnia in its tracks with just one inhale.

in conclusion, we look forward to serving your medicinal needs with great tasting products.

Flavors of LIT Extracts Cartridge


white fire og ,

True OG

Kool punch

Green Crack

White Fire


Granddaddy purple

Maui Wawie


coconut kush ,


cherry pie ,

super silver haze

blue dream,

Jack herer

and tahoe Og

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