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Purple Kush (Purple K) is a pure indica that sets itself apart from other indica hybrids with its eye-catching colors and pleasant taste.

Also, It was originally created by breeders in a neighborhood of Oakland, California dubbed Oaksterdam, one of the oldest legal medical marijuana areas of the United States.

in addition, Purple weed is a cross between two South-Central Asian indica landraces:

moreover, With 100% indica genetics, it provides a slow and relaxing full body stone.

meanwhile, it has been Named in Top 10 Kush Strain by High Times magazine in 2016, Purple Kush contains THC composition ranging from 17% to as much as 27%.

As with parent strain Afghani,  also it has a very high capacity to create sticky resin, making it valuable in the production of hash and other concentrates.

As is expected of a purely indica plant, Purple Kush grows low and bushy. Those looking to cultivate their own plants of the strain may have success outdoors or indoors.

Purple K has the special distinction of being visually striking and boldly flavored without sacrificing genetic stability.

unlike many hybrids that are specifically crossbred for taste, this strain has roots that stick as closely as possible to the cannabis species’ origins in Asia.

in conclusion, this is to say, It’s no wonder the variety has spawned popular imitations like Las Vegas Purple K.

An excellent evening smoke at the end of a long day or week, it is uniquely mouth-watering and relaxing.

Common Usage of purple kush

firstly, Insomnia 8/10
secondly, Anxiety 6/10
Depressed 4/10
Pain 10/10
Nausea 2/10

Typical Effects of purple kush

firstly, Relaxed 6/10
secondly, Sleepy 4/10
further,Euphoric 10/10
Cotton Mouth 2/10
Sedated 8/10

THC Content of purple kush

Highest Test 27%
Strain Average 22.5%
Indica Average 12.5%
Wikileaf Average 18%
Wikileaf Highest 35%

In large enough doses, Purple strain is also a great way to treat entrenched insomnia.

most importantly, The strain has an average duration of 2 to 3 hours high.

Unlike some hybrids that start off with a disorienting head high that melts into a slow sense of calm, this strain is a pure indica and eases you straight into physical relaxation.

Additional information

Weight1 g

1 Oz, 1 Qp, 1 Hp, 1 P


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