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Raw Garden distillate vaporizer cartridges or simply Raw garden carts have a much higher potency than vape oils from their garden variety, at a good price of $ 20.

Vape nerds discuss the manufacturing processes of how vinyl collectors debate sound quality. Some power vapers claim that the finest distillate can only be formulated by the unconventional process of freezing cannabis in “live resin”, thus maintaining the true terpene profile of the strain in ways that standard concentrate extraction processes do not they can.

This weed reporter is not technical enough to understand these arguments. But I can confirm that a new variety of Raw Garden live resin distillation cartridges carries it super high and right at the optimum point of $ 20 for a half-gram cartridge.

The people behind Raw Garden are clearly keen on the strains, with an astounding 80 different strains of petroleum products listed on their website. Your local clinic will probably only take a few.

SF Evergreen launched a variety called Kimbo Chem, an Indica hybrid of Kimbo Kush and Kosher Chem. Kimbo Kush is itself a cross between Blackberry Kush and Starfighter, a typical example of the Raw Garden genealogy of lineage burrows of complex strains.

Kimbo Chem comes with a THC content of 85.3 percent that leaves you mind-blowing, and a little more than 1.5 percent of CBD on top of that, just in case. The buzz is very stimulating, full of energy and very suitable for an all-day weekend adventure.

These Raw Garden products are half gram cartridges that perfectly fit a standard vape pen. The appearance factor has nothing fancy, but the cartridge is resistant and the oil inside is of remarkably good quality.

We discovered that the half grams of Raw Garden are generally priced less than $ 20 since they arrived at the shelves of San Francisco dispensaries in recent months. But keep in mind that the price will increase a little more than $ 20 once you pay the required state and local taxes.

That price still makes Raw Garden vaporizer cartridges an excellent budget choice for the user of the vape pen that has little low funds, or the tourist in the city for a few days who remembered to bring his vaping device. The $ 20 buzz is hard to find in dispensaries these days, and the incredibly efficient Raw Garden cartridges are definitely not a raw offer.

Power: The entire range of 80 Raw Garden cartridge strains varies significantly in their THC and CBD content, but all are enormously powerful. The Kimbo Chem we tested recorded a THC greater than 85 percent.

Smell: The aroma of your exhaled smoke has a touch of fruit, but not a touch of grass.

Taste: just a subtle flavour of its variety of origin, with puffs that produce the super undulating clouds that many of us enjoy.

Appearance: the packaging is just a boring cardboard box, and the appearance of the cartridge is completely generic. But the distillate inside is devastatingly effective.

Medical application: the 80 different varieties will obviously offer a variety of effects, but expect a vigorous buzz in each case.

Effect: cheap emotions without frills, just a powerful and powerful cartridge at the price of $ 20.

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