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The Factors Affecting Your Cannabis High

No two cannabis enthusiasts will be similar in terms of preferences. Not only do they like different types of strains but also the high they enjoy. Some may like it buzzy; others may enjoy it mellow while some others love a body high, and yet others want a senior in their head. Cannabis experiences are all about personal factors, and there are some external factors as well that affect the top you get. Learning about the aspects that decide the cannabis experience you get, you can find out what strains can get you the expertise you desire. Here, we discuss the most common factors affecting marijuana high.


The environment you smoke in has a significant impact on how you get high, and it should be given importance. This can be realized by smoking the same cannabis strain at two different places at different times to see that the experiences differ. Look at the setting and your mood, the comfort level, people you are with, the area you have selected, and other aspects of your surroundings to find what works the best for you. Analyze how you feel in different scenarios to work your way up to the best cannabis high possible.

Consumption Method

Though you choose to ingest cannabis, there are various methods like smoking, vaping, and edibles, and each of these differs significantly. The weed that goes into your body in different ways differs in quantity, and the body processes each differently. While smoking and vaping give you an instant high that lasts for 1-2 hours, edibles take longer to kick in, and the effects last for hours. Some of the high-quality edibles you buy using Online Dispensary Canada services deliver many potent results than smoking.


This is the most critical factor that affects cannabis high. Dosing is not always easy, especially when trying a new strain or using edibles. It is essential to start with low doses and go slow. It always takes some experimentation to find that sweet spot that you are looking for. When you purchase edibles Canada, you often find dosage instructions with the product to help you get started to the best cannabis experience.


If you ever heard from somebody that they used to smoke cannabis when they were young and can’t tolerate it now, you might have realized that age plays an essential role in deciding your weed experience. An animal study suggests that adults are not so good at tolerating the effects of weed consumption as compared to young users. While more research is still needed in this matter, age positively affects your cannabis high and should be considered before deciding on the strain or dose.


Each individual is different, and so is their tolerance to cannabis. Several personal factors decide the understanding, including age, body chemistry, frequency of cannabis use, and others. Knowing your knowledge can help you determine the amount you should consume, mainly when you consume in a group. Whether you are looking for enjoyment, upliftment, relief, or any other type of cannabis experience, the key is to analyze your factors to get the kind of strength you desire.

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