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The marijuana sector is ready to leap to the impending 2019. Get ready to receive powerful and innovative genetics that will sweep the cannabis world.

A new year means innovations, new products and a new generation of carefully selected and potentially revolutionary cannabis strains. A new year also means that there are many more smoke sessions on the horizon, either at home with friends, or in the lively atmosphere of a music festival, or surrounded by a beautiful landscape in the countryside. Below is a list of the best varieties to try in 2019, along with some new and exciting strain additions that you shouldn’t miss.


Like every year, certain varieties will become the protagonists. In the following list we will review some of the great successes of 2019, so let’s go there!


As the name implies, the Royal Queen Seeds Quick One was one of the fastest varieties when it was first launched. It is the result of a cross between Lowryder 1 and an old school indica. Therefore, it is composed of 60% indica genetics, 10% Sativa, and 30% ruderalis. The Quick One is an incredible auto-flowering strain that only needs 8-9 weeks to go from planting to harvest. With a height of only 50-60cm, this plant is tiny, making it an ideal option for guerrilla growers or with little space. However, it is capable of producing a respectable 45g per plant. Its buds induce an enjoyable high that is not too overwhelming. Its aroma and flavour are soft and dominated by lime notes.


This auto-flowering hybrid will not make growers wait long, offering modest crops in about 7-8 weeks after planting in a culture medium. The Sticky Beast Auto comes from the ascending strains Bubble Gum, OG Kush, and Critical Automatic. Its flowers produce sweet and earthy aromas and relaxing, physical and slightly euphoric heels. This award-winning strain has a THC content of 16% and grows at medium heights, both indoors and outdoors. Indoor crops offer crops around 350-400g / m². Outdoor plants, grown in pots or beds, are capable of producing up to 170g per plant.


The LSD Auto is a hybrid variety, which is the junction between the ascending strains LSD and Super Magnum Auto. This lady produces a powerful and psychedelic effect, hence her hallucinogenic name. The high rises rapidly and is durable, and is recommended exclusively for experienced smokers, as it is capable of surpassing novices. The LSD Auto offers fast results, flying from planting to harvest in just 64 days. It grows well indoors and outdoors. In indoor crops, plants grow at medium heights and produce about 650g / m². Outdoors, they reach heights of about 120cm and produce crops of approximately 400g per plant.


The Three Blue Kings is a hybrid of Indica dominance, with a 70% indica genetics and 30% Sativa. It was created through a breeding program between the Blue Dream and the Three Kings. This lady has a firm attitude, with monstrously high THC levels of 24%. This culminates in a powerful smoke that melts the mind, leaving consumers glued to the couch with a voracious appetite. There is nothing like this body high to relax muscles and relieve stress. Indoor plants produce impressive crops of up to 600g / m² and grow at high heights. This strain reaches its maximum potential when grown outdoors, growing to vast heights of 4m and generating huge crops, up to 4kg per plant!


The Larry Bird Kush is a well-balanced hybrid, which will satisfy consumers who enjoy Indica and Sativa strain equally. This plant descends from the parental strains Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and offers flavours reminiscent of the forest and aromas of earth, flowers, mint, and pine. This delicious terpene profile is accompanied by an intense high, fed by THC levels of 26%. Its effects are balanced, relaxing the body while stimulating the mind towards an energetic and creative state. Indoors produces crops between 550-760g / m², while outdoors produces about 750g per plant.


The Purple Punch of Zamnesia is a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, which makes it a fascinating almost pure indica variety (90% indica / 10% Sativa). Thanks to its indica heritage, it is a small and robust plant with a discreet profile that is ready after 50-60 days of flowering. The Purple Punch produces impressive crops of 600-700g / m² indoors and up to 1kg per plant when grown under sunlight. Its 21% THC makes its effect ultra-powerful. Those who consume it will experience an extremely relaxing and soothing high. And let’s not forget its aroma: a delicious mixture of notes of apple pie, cloves, cranberries, and cherries. Purple Punch will meet all your indica cannabis needs.


Master Hemp is the result of an intense selective breeding process, developed over three years. The objective of this program was to create a rich variety in CBD, and it was a success. This strain has colossal levels of this cannabinoid, with a ratio of CBD to THC of 32 to 1. In addition to being loaded with CBD, Master Hemp flowers are rich in a variety of terpenes that provide a desirable sweet lemon scent, together with the CBC and THCV cannabinoids. Master Hemp produces abundant crops and has a flowering phase of 55-60 days.


The Gorilla Glue 5 is a titan from the world of THC. This beast produces flowers with THC content in a range of 27-30%. By taking a puff on a joint or bong loaded with these buds, an instant high is produced that immerses the body in a state of physical relaxation and melting. Its indica dominance guarantees a smoke that eliminates stress, relieves tension and causes a leverage effect. The terpenes of these flowers provide flavours and aromas of pine, which are equally relaxing. The Gorilla Glue 5 is a branched variety with a lot of lateral growth, which can provide high yields both indoors and outdoors. Its flowering phase lasts about 58-63 days.

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