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Patients with medical marijuana in Canada believe it is increasingly difficult to access their cannabis now that recreational marijuana is legal in the country. According to a recent survey commissioned jointly by Canadians for fair access to medical marijuana, the Arthritis Society, and the Canadian Pharmacists Association, one in four users of medical cannabis says that supply problems are hampering their ability to access medicine what do you need. As a result, 64 percent of users of medical marijuana are underdosing or extending their supply. Another key finding of the survey: as many patients access their medical cannabis through mail orders from a licensed producer (38 percent) as they do through the illicit market (37 percent).
Canadian marijuana czar criticizes Ontario’s claims of lack of supply in the country’s marijuana market is Ontario making excuses when it comes to limiting the number of pot shops in the provinces? That’s what Bill Blair, the minister of border security and organized crime reduction in Canada, says after Ontario blamed the federal government for delaying cannabis supply problems by limiting the number of retail marijuana stores.

“There is a general rule, which is the Narcotic Drugs Act of 1989, which establishes in article 5 that personal cultivation is prohibited unless there is an authorization, and a particular rule that of medical cannabis, which is linked to the full right of access to health, “the constitutionalist and professor at the University of Buenos Aires, Andres Gil Domínguez told Télam.

The controversy arose from the fact that an article of the new law – approved on March 29 – establishes the registration in a registry of patients and relatives. Although it does not mention self-cultivation, it does not prohibit it either.

In that sense, Gil Domíngez said that the two rules, medical cannabis, and narcotics, “are complementary,” but clarified that authorization for cultivation for medicinal purposes “does not arise unquestionably from the law, (but) it is an interpretation based on the National Constitution and international treaties on Human Rights. “

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