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Weed Weeding

Michelle Casanova’s thinking about a fantasy wedding was straightforward, although somewhat not quite the same as most: “I needed to take a massive bong in my marriage dress.

She did it last October in California(Agoura Hills). The 34-year-antique Texan strolled some doorways down with a package deal of sunflowers and cannabis, reducing edges in this weed wedding. The visitors serve cuts of a cake mixed with THC and treated with a touch bar so that they could take punches of powerful. What’s more, the cannabis oil through a vaporizer when a “budtender” made the joints: Sativa strains, an energizer, toward starting the occasion; half and halves after help; Indicates to quiet everybody toward the night’s end in this weed wedding.

“It resembled an ordinary wedding, yet with contacts of cannabis to a great extent,” he says. “Everything was remarkably unpretentious, except for the smoking part.

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