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Weed Weeding

Michelle Casanova’s thinking of a dream wedding was simple, although a little different from most: “I wanted to take a huge bong in my wedding dress.
And that he did, last October, in Agoura Hills, California. The 34-year-old Texan walked down the hall with a bouquet of sunflowers and grass blades in this weed wedding. The guests serve slices of a cake infused with THC and treated with a dab bar where they could take punches of potent. And the concentrated cannabis oil through a vaporiser while a “budtender” rolled the joints: strains of Sativa, a stimulant, at the beginning of the event; hybrids after service; Indicates to calm everyone at the end of the night in this weed wedding.
“It was like a typical wedding, but with touches of cannabis here and there,” he says. “Everything was very subtle, except for the smoking part.

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